S  I  M  P  L  E  ,    S  E  N  S  O  R  Y     B  L  I  S  S

About Karen

Fifth year shooting weddings. I travel anywhere. The wedding whisperer?

My interest in the arts began years ago – with finger paints and crayons and a little blue 110 camera. I joined the art club in elementary school…and middle school…and high school. I went to hear the photographer speak at my high school’s career day. I think I knew even back then that photography was what I loved, but I worried about the practical side of things. So, I set off for college planning to pursue a nice, “sensible” major in biomedical engineering! It wasn’t long before I realized that was not the direction for me. I finally gave in and majored in the field I really loved – art, with a focus in photography. I graduated from Taylor University with an art degree in 1998.

I worked for seven years as a graphic designer and photographer at a local Muncie, Indiana studio, spending much of my time doing designs and photographs for cds and promotional material for musicians and bands. On the side, I started doing wedding photography and found that I loved it! It is an absolute thrill, a joy, and an honor to capture the memories of such an amazing day that joins two lives.

In March of 2006, my husband and I welcomed our daughter, Arya, to the world. I left full time graphic design and began my own photography business, which has given me the opportunity to balance taking care of my family while doing the work that I love. In March of 2009, our our family grew again, when our sweet baby boy Alex came along. I couldn’t be happier.